Land Development

Water Science Associates staff have been intimately involved in providing water resource consulting services to clients for land development projects in Florida for over 30 years. Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of land development projects including pre-purchase due diligence, site technical investigations, conceptual planning, zoning and comprehensive plan changes, site design and permitting, infrastructure development, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Water Science Associates staff have been an integral part of major developments for the Bonita Bay Group, WCI, Collier Enterprises, Ronto, Pulte Homes, Barron Collier Company, Stock Development, Kitson and Partners, Taylor Morrison, Minto, and Private Equity Group.

Water Science Associates can provide a range of services in developing and managing surface water and groundwater resources. Examples of services we provide are outlined below.

  • Groundwater and surface water resource evaluations
  • Integrated water resource planning
  • Water supply development
  • Water Use Permitting
  • Potable and irrigation demand assessments
  • Groundwater modeling and impact assessments
  • Compliance services and reporting for pumpage, water levels, and salinity as required by selected Agency permits
  • Lake level analyses and management plans
  • Water system infrastructure construction
  • Dewatering plans/permitting for utility, storm water, and lake modifications
  • Expert witness and consulting for water use disputes
  • Saline water intrusion evaluations and mitigation