Construction Support & Dewatering

Water Science Associates is a certified Small Business Enterprise that provides professional hydrological support services for all sizes of construction including large water management infrastructure and storage treatment area (STA) construction sites within the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), large FDOT expansion and improvement projects including the IROX widening of I-75, underground installation of stormwater and water and wastewater utilities, and general site improvements including lake construction for new land development projects. Typical services include dewatering planning, design, and permitting services, compliance monitoring, seepage management, wetland protection, and salinity management. We specialize in providing assistance to construction firms in meeting Florida’s Water Management District, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting and approval needs. We evaluate the necessary water use, dewatering, and pollution prevention plans, designs and permits that may be needed on your construction sites. We provide timely scientific and technically related consulting services which results in reduced chance of down time related to Agency review of permit applications and preconstruction submittals.

Our Staff have extensive experience working on USACE funded projects, including the primary project manager working directly with the USACE on the baseline hydrologic testing at the L30 Seepage Management Pilot Project (SMPP) located in Miami-Dade County. This project involved monitoring well installation, instrumentation, and electrical resistivity geophysical surveys to map groundwater flow paths of the project site. Mr. Barnes directed staff on the USACE Site 1 Impoundment Project (L40 Modifications) located in Palm Beach County Florida and the USACE C-44 Reservoir Project located in Martin County Florida.

Water Science Associates can provide a range of services in support of managing surface water and groundwater resources and permitting at construction sites. Examples of services we provide are outlined below.

  • Dewatering plans/permitting for cofferdams, levees, utilities, stormwater, and STA construction
  • Water Use Permitting for irrigation, temporary potable water, and/or industrial uses through the SFWMD and local Counties
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and turbidity monitoring
  • NPDES testing, permitting and compliance monitoring
  • Well construction, design, monitoring, instrumentation, and reporting meeting (USACE, SFWMD, and FDEP) requirements
  • Compliance services and reporting as required by USACE, FDEP, and/or SFWMD at selected CERP sites
  • Coordination with local SBE and DBE Wildlife/Environmental firms for turnkey environmental services