Rahul John, P.G.

Rahul John, P.G. brings over 15 years of experience in water supply planning, groundwater modeling, and hydrogeologic assessment services to the firm. Mr. John is a Senior Hydrogeologist with a broad range of experience in aquifer characterization, groundwater modeling, well design, permitting, and construction oversight, hydraulic data interpretation and statistical analysis. Mr. John has designed, permitted, and overseen the construction of numerous raw water supply wells used for Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plants and deep injection wells used for concentrate and wastewater disposal. Mr. John is an experienced groundwater modeler who has developed several regional scale models using the state-of-the art modeling codes. Mr. John has authored over 60 technical reports, many of which provide innovative hydrogeological solutions for real-world problems. Mr. John served as the principal modeler for numerous consumptive use permitting process providing impact assessments of over 100 projects in Florida.