Mining and industrial facilities face numerous water resource related challenges from planning and development to permitting and operations. Proposed mining facilities must evaluate potential adverse impacts to water resources to obtain development approvals. Industrial facilities can benefit from efficient reuse of water to aid in reducing disposal and operational costs and to demonstrate sustainable use of water resources. Geothermal well systems for temperature control of air conditioning and heating systems provide unique opportunities for energy cost savings and reuse of water sources. Water Science Associates staff have provided water resource evaluations in support of development approvals, design, and operations at many mining and industrial clients in the past 30 years. Our staff have been involved in turn-key solutions for geothermal systems for heat exchange at numerous facilities in South Florida.

Examples of services we provide in support of mining, industrial, and geothermal systems include:

  • Water resource evaluations of available water supplies
  • Evaluation of potential regulatory and/or operational source limitations
  • Demand projections and efficiency evaluations
  • Water recycling and reuse assessments for availability and economics
  • Regional and Local impact assessments and modeling
  • Regulatory assistance in planning, zoning, and permitting
  • Geologic and hydrogeologic evaluations
  • Expert witness regarding water resources and impact assessments in zoning or litigation