Roger Copp
Senior Water Resources Modeler

Roger Copp has over 37 years of experience conducting watershed management studies and managing complex integrated surface/ground water modeling studies. He has special expertise in surface water hydrology and hydraulics, watershed studies, stormwater management planning, wetland restoration design, and integrated surface/ground water dynamics. He also has extensive experience in the application of watershed computer models to evaluate watersheds and identify water resource solutions. Roger takes a “fully integrated water management” approach to water resource planning and management challenges that provides for more creative and collaborative solutions to address multiple water resources management objectives.

His project experience includes large-scale watershed studies, ecosystem restoration design, and identifying water management solutions that restore ecological health as well as reducing flooding, promoting groundwater recharge, improving minimum dry season flows, and improving water quality. Mr. Copp is also working on the hydrologic and hydraulic evaluation of Cape Coral canals to improve water supply to the City of Cape Coral. This project will involve modification to four weirs and one gate to increase dry season control elevations while maintaining effective flood protection during the wet season. Mr. Copp specializes in collaborative projects where environmental restoration projects are multi-use, thereby facilitating multiple funding partners. Mr. Copp is directing the conceptual design of an off-line reservoir in Charlotte County west of I-75 that will provide a storage area that will reduce high water levels in Cecil Webb Wildlife Management Area (WMA). Funding is coming from Cape Coral, with water supply benefits to Cape Coral and ecosystem restoration benefits to Cecil Webb Wildlife Management Area and drainage benefits to FDOT.

Mr. Copp has directed watershed management planning and hydrologic design for many projects, including C-43 Storage Reservoir in Hendry County, Everglades Agricultural Area Regional Feasibility Study, C-139 Basin Regional Feasibility Study, Picayune Strand Restoration Project hydrologic/hydraulic design, Lehigh Acres Municipal Improvement District Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan, Halfway Pond Restoration Design, Harns Marsh Structural Improvements, Cape Coral Stormwater Master Plan Update, South Lee County Watershed Plan Update, Babcock Ranch Dispersed Water Storage Assessment, and Hydraulic Design of Stormwater Treatment Area 5/6.