Brian Barnes
Vice President and Principal Scientist

Brian Barnes offers over 23 years of experience managing hydrogeologic investigations in Florida, Delaware, and Maryland. His experience includes aquifer characterization studies, well design and construction management, groundwater flow modeling, water use permitting for potable water, irrigation and dewatering purposes, and assessment and remediation of contaminated facilities.

Brian has significant experience in applying unique approaches to the evaluation of complex water supply and dewatering issues. He has completed hundreds of water use permit applications for Florida’s Water Management Districts.

He has used numerous analytic and complex numeric models to support a variety of hydrogeologic investigations. Models include water level analyses for aquifer recharge, drawdown analyses of single or multiple withdrawal points, aquifer test analyses for systems influenced by boundary conditions, and solute transport and particle tracking simulations.

Brian commonly assists engineering firms, developers, and public sector agencies in solving groundwater issues and meeting water use permitting needs. He has performed groundwater consulting services for the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD), large construction firms, agricultural producers, residential and commercial developers, and engineering firms.